Saturday, January 25, 2020

Do you want to negotiate a price but are you afraid of offending the seller because you think it is too low? This tactic can help you to solve the problem.

When you go to a Cash Converter store and want to sell or lend money with some object of yours, what is the first question you are asked? If you’ve seen any of the typical American television series you probably know the answer. In case you have not fall because you take advantage of your time more effectively I will help you.

What is your minimum price?

How Does it sound? Now find out with me the second question that they ask you when you have answered for the first time.

What is your minimum price really?

The negotiation strategy they apply is to find out how far you are willing to get your pants off. That way it is easier to continue lowering the price even more.

Let’s put a practical case.

You enter the Cash Converters store and ask for 100 euros to sell a collection of 30 DVDs that are more or less recent movies. After the first question reduce the price to 70 euros. When I ask you again for a withdrawal, you say 60 euros.

Now the seller makes the first offer. It offers you 40 euros. Between what you ask and he offers you “only” there is a difference of 20 euros. In case you had made this offer after hearing the 100 euros it would have seemed outrageous to ask for a discount of 60%. Psychologically it is more tolerable to accept now the 40 euros because the difference to what your last price is not so high.

Conclusion : when you are in negotiations that allow a reduction in prices, always try to get the seller to lower his pants a bit. Once the discount is made, you can discount that reduction. So you do not run so much risk of offending the seller with a price that is perceived as too low.


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