Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sales, especially at Amazon, have gone very well. Not better than expected but fulfilling expectations that is enough.

Not everything has been good during the holidays because one thing has made me almost despair. We have been in the online store for almost 2 weeks without a single sale . Everything that had been previously created seemed to be useless.

All those little steps that allow you to move forward little by little in the end had not got us anywhere?

Luckily, things changed recently. We have recovered the way of sale again. Right now, 1-2 sales are falling without practically advertising. It seems that collector customers had taken a break from us on holidays. As a mini-apprenticeship I take this from me that you have to be patient. Do not despair but trust in the work you do. Someday it will have its fruit. We now seem that little by little we are taking inertia.

This year we want to be more independent from Amazon. 1-2 sales will not be enough. You must add at least a zero.


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