Saturday, October 19, 2019

Starting in the world of blogs may seem an impossible task when you are taking your first steps. Once you have digested the first information you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Through the contact form I receive many questions every week. Interestingly there are many of them that are repeated continuously. I have taken advantage to generate a “best of” or let’s say a list with frequently asked questions adding a response in detail in the form of a recommended reading in the form of a post.

1. What should be taken into account when choosing the name of a domain?

Choosing a good domain for a blog can be a more complicated task than you imagine at the beginning. You quickly realize that everything you had in mind is already registered. There may also be questions about whether to use your name, choose a fantasy or better use generic keywords.

2. What is the best platform to set up a blog?

Each blogger has different objectives. I have had people in my “Course for bloggers” of more than 60 years who wanted to share the stories of their family and friends in a personal blog. The thing changes if your intention is to start a professional blog from the first day. The problem of many is that they start their activity on a platform without cost that quickly reaches its limits and makes it very difficult to change what you really need.

3. How is an entry in a blog written?

Writing would be the simplest answer. Many bloggers feel intimidated by a white screen. They do not want to make any mistakes at the beginning so they put a brake when it comes to writing freely. We must understand that blogs are no longer read but scanned and therefore a post is not written but designed. The visual aspects when creating an entry are increasingly important when improving usability and thereby reading the article.

4. Is there a minimum of words to position well in Google?

It is curious that this question arises very frequently because it seems that the beginner blogger wants to have an answer to know when he can stop with the writing of his post. Depending on the type of the article it is easy to overcome 400 words without much effort. It is a recommended average but depending on the type of post you publish the amount may vary.

5. How many times do you have to publish in a blog?

We humans work with concrete indications. The answer would be as in many aspects of life “depends” although it is clear that you look for something more concrete as guidance. If you do not mind being read, publicize as many times as you want. But if instead you want to have a blog one day you read you should take an article more often than other blogs in your niche. Find out how many times you publish the rest and then you do 30-50% more than them. That’s how simple the formula can be.

6. How can I not run out of ideas for new posts?

Many of those who start with their blog are afraid of running out of ideas as soon as they launch the project. Some feel so restrained that they prefer to wait until they have enough topics before they start writing. The error consists in not writing as soon as possible because just this action is a creative process that generates new ideas for the blog. You have to establish a kind of training plan where at first you publish at a rate that you can assume without problems and then you increase it when you realize that the “production” of new content is less complicated than you had imagined at the beginning.

7. How can I make my blog stand out from the rest?

Few admit it but the vast majority of bloggers are delighted to stand out from the thousands of blogs that may exist in their niche. The fact of receiving more attention means that your motivation increases and that you have more energy than the rest. At the moment I am tired but I write this post at 1 o’clock in the morning after having given a webinar of 2.5 hours sleeping a little during the previous night. There are no tricks or secret formulas. This is not “rocket science” . All you have to do is work a little more than the others. The differentiation of the blogger and his blogger is in small details. Consistency is the way.

8. How to use photos legally in my blog?

Few beginner bloggers are aware that they can not use the photos they find through Google images. Free banks seem to be the solution at first sight but then problems that surprise you may arise. The use of Creative Commons license photos is one of the best options as long as it does not make sense to assume the cost of an image bank. It is not very complicated to avoid legal problems but one must inform oneself well once to identify possible pitfalls.


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