Saturday, October 19, 2019

With people I like them, I tend to be heavier than others. Sport and especially running is a recurring theme in this blog. Dear reader, I have also taken care of you for what I warn you, since this year I will be a bit tired.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you do not have to start (if you have not yet done so, of course) to seriously consider starting to practice seriously . I do not want you (nor can I) force anything, of course. The risk of being impotent is 30% lower if you run at least 3 hours per week. If you think that after 50 you are not going to practice sex then you simply ignore what I just told you.

Especially if you do not have time because you have a business you have to make holes where there is not. According to scientific studies , CEOs who are marathon runners are better executives. Being in good physical shape helps you perform better and reduce stress. The money invested is time earned collecting moments of happiness that gives you the exercise if you practice it on a regular basis. I dare say that average athletes are happier people.

Running marathons has helped me achieve almost anything in my life . The limits are much further compared to a person who has never sought the challenge to overcome. Practicing sports is not only being selfish for feeling better. You significantly reduce the time with flu, colds and other stories. Losses of this type generate a cost.

The people around you suffer from your discomfort as much as you do. They have to take care of you or simply put up with your constant complaints about your discomfort. Globally speaking you could reduce the cost of health and increase the GDP because instead of being in bed you would spend more time contributing value to society.


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