Saturday, October 19, 2019

Derek Pearce is the designer of what he has named water tables, and it’s the perfect title for the creations.

The sculptured animals, made of wood and other materials, make up the base of the table. Above the glass, their forms continue and peek out, so it looks as if they are resting peacefully just below the water’s surface.

A Love of Animals

His designs include water-loving animals such as the hippopotamus, as well as otters, dolphins, seals, and frogs. Although, he has also included animals that we don’t think of quite as frequently when we think of the water – such as a camel with its humps above the table’s surface.



And a Love of Water

In addition, he has done pieces in the same style that include a large piece of driftwood, a carved woman in a bath, and rocks with their tips emerging from beneath the surface of the glass.


The illusion

The illusion is complete as the clear surface of the glass table becomes the surface of motionless water, with only the top of a frog’s head or the noses of dolphins pressing their way past the surface and into the air and space above.

These are carefully crafted works that Derek creates by hand one at a time based on the requests of his customers.


Online and Offline Famous

His commissioned works have become so well-known online that he will have plenty of requests for the unique designs well into the future. It’s hard not to love the magic and mystery that they bring into a room. The sculptures themselves, even without the glass, are often detailed and realistic in nature.


A History of Amazing Creations

Derek Pearce started out at a stage performer, carpenter, teacher, and musical director. He first started building his water tables back in 1977 and still makes them today. They have been sold and placed on exhibit in multiple countries, including the United States and Japan. Everywhere they are exhibited, they draw an appreciative crowd and more customers.


Although, beware, shipping takes a while since the majority of the items are made to order. In addition, for many of these sturdy pieces of art the cost of shipping them around the world, or even across the country, not be cheap! That said, the wait may be worth it for the perfect addition to your home or office.

An Inspiration

For sculptures and artists, these works may serve as inspiration in creating other useful and creative items for the home. Glass can be more than just another material. A table can be more than just a place to put items. There is no limit when creativity is used to take what we consider to be everyday items and find ways to transform them into works of art. What about a waterfall of glass shelves with a tree partially submerged? The ideas are endless if you let your mind free to explore, and thanks to Derek, we have a magical and creative place to begin from.


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