Saturday, October 19, 2019

As I like to get involved in matters that do not matter to me, I write this post. In what do you say? Well, for example in the number of tweets that you launch every day from your Twitter account. Among the frequently asked questions that I get from readers, a high percentage always has to do with the amount. This can refer to the number of words in a post, weekly entries in a blog or the frequency with which tweets should be launched on Twitter. So today we will attack this last point.

What the amount gives you when tweeting

Before starting, we must understand that in this online marketing there are no truths , only opinions and experiences . Even if it is a point that I repeat frequently I do not get tired of saying it because someone else could take these tips and apply them to the letter without using the head at any time. Each person, topic, country, context, etc. It is different so you have to take these aspects into account when tweeting.

If we take some Twitter statistics we will quickly see that there is a correlation between tweeting a lot and a high number of followers . It’s almost common sense. The more visibility you achieve through appearances in your followers’ timeline , the more likely you are to get a retweet, response, favorite or whatever gives you access to new followers .

Some will now think. “But is not quality more important than quantity?” Let’s see. Of course it matters but it’s something I’m going to take for granted in this post. So we will analyze above all what is the amount of tweets per day and the results that can be achieved thanks to it. On quality we can discuss at another time. What is clear is if you combine quantity and quality you will always achieve better results .

Things that help you have visibility when tweeting without being tiring

I’ve been on Twitter for almost 6 years now and I’ve released more than 21,000 tweets. They are more than 9 tweets a day and that I consider that I am not a user too active compared to others. Everything is relative. My data is as good or bad as anyone’s. Without statistics like the ones mentioned above, we can not draw any kind of conclusion from it.

The only reference I can give you is that at this moment I am close to 30,000 followers. Right now I do not have a reference to the hand but I sense that it is a little better than the average. This is what I have done in this time.


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