Saturday, October 19, 2019

You will have noticed through the title of the post that I take for granted that being a freelance you have a blog and you are active in social networks. Obviously there are professionals who can live without it because they have generated other assets becoming human hubs . If you can combine both worlds, you already have an incredibly powerful combination.

You already know that there are no obligations in online marketing, but only options and for me these two are useful to make themselves known.

Is it better to invest a lot of time at a time or every day a little?

Despite a loss of effectiveness of social networks that translates into more time investment to get the same performance compared to a couple of years ago, I still see results thanks to my presence with both the blog and my Twitter profile .

Those who follow this blog often know that I am more in favor of small steps . The impacts are less powerful than the small footprints that we leave every day. For me there are 2 main reasons.

  1. Make a lot of noise in a timely manner does not reach many people who are not present in networks at that time.
  2. The peaks of activity prevent us from working constantly because we work on emergencies instead of dedicating ourselves to what is important every day.

In short: better to do a little every day than to force the machine once a week or even a month.

Recommended hours dedicated to networks and blogs every day

It is true that compared to my beginnings, I have lowered the level of activity in networks. The channel that I really use is Twitter. Facebook I have it because I need it to create ads but I do not give it the right use. I am fortunate that due to inertia thanks to the work done over the last 6 years I am increasing these networks without dedicating much time to the subject.

Remember. In this there are no absolute truths but only indicative data. Then you can do more or less according to the results obtained. You also have to be clear that starting from scratch you will not have immediate feedback . This is what I would do as a freelancer who wants to be known and to attract clients.

Invest 0.5-1.5 hours per day (from Monday to Friday) to …

  • Post a blog post on a weekly basis.
  • Publish 2-3 publications (Twitter or Facebook) of third parties related to your topic. Better to focus on one than to want to do everything.
  • Chat in networks through conversations with 1-2 people a day (they do not necessarily have to be potential clients).
  • Connect with 5-10 new daily profiles through follows , friend requests, etc.

If you start from scratch you could see the first results after 6-12 months. But I repeat it to you. There are no guarantees of success. If you do not quit, it is very likely that you will achieve it or at least that is my experience.


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