Saturday, October 19, 2019

After several months of indirect reflection it was clear to me that I wanted to differentiate myself. You know: either you are the cheapest or you present yourself differently to others. My thing is not to compete for price, so I was only going to have an option.

  • Visual aspect : it was going to be as minimalist as possible. No photos, videos and only using colors in case of logos. Basically it was going to be gray letters on a white background. This gives me the advantage of having a lower production cost and being more classic will not go by so quickly (or that’s hope).
  • Tone : the texts were going to be “talkative”. I wanted at all costs to avoid the typical cold descriptions of services. When you read it I want you to have the feeling that I am next to you with a cup of coffee sitting on the sofa selling you the speck, sorry for explaining the services I wanted to say.
  • Transparency : those of us who have been working for years in the online marketing sector know the bullshit that you can read many times on websites. We are all the best, leaders in our field, influencers , more innovators, etc. There was something more honest that parodied this type of slogans used by many companies. Another factor is to put transparently what my fees are .

Structure and contents of the web

In a global way it is easy to have a vision of how one wants to do things. It becomes more complicated when you have to put it into practice. This is what I have done.

Menu navigation and in the footer

The pages of companies (or of agencies in my case) usually have practically a similar navigation. Here you can find typically these sections:

  • Products / services
  • About us
  • Prices
  • Blog

Contents and design of the pages

The name itself bullshit is a little risky because the term could be associated literally with my services. I think that if you want to stand out you have to risk so there will be people who will like this style for being different and others who will think that the pot has gone (I do not say that they are not right). On each page you find these elements.


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