Saturday, October 19, 2019

I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and since then I grew close with art and relevant activities. For about 5-6 years of my tattoo adventure, I aim to show what I feel in this journey through my designs.

In fact, my primary goal is to turn the positive and negative events that affect people’s lives through an artistic filter and perspective and to give them new features, to bring them to the size of the dimension which they want to have, and to turn the events of certain periods of their lives into checkpoints.

1 Jellyfish



The tattoo items are sometimes referred to as memories, targets, fears of people. Sometimes they can be matched by the living – inanimate beings used and sometimes those living – lifeless beings can be psychologically associated with them. Of course, the character’s features in the interpretation of the design is reflected in the appreciation.

2 Deer


3 Tree


In the backgrounds of the designs, I determine the geometry that I will use according to the spiritual needs of the person, and sometimes according to the muscle structure of the body areas to be applied. Usually, I am creating a road map where people communicate/link their ideas and then we talk together on the design and prepare it together for a reality.

4 Traveler


5 Wolf


The main concepts of my designs are space, time, place and dimension. To interpret these concepts I use such objects as crystals, planets, stars, geometry and abstract touch. Sometimes I use some colors to reflect the main design. I would describe my style as realism heavily supported by geometry.

6 Tortoise


7 Vader – Leia

Vader - Leia

The interaction of the tattoo artist with the person during the design and the conception of tattoo makes a connection between the two sides until the end of their lives. One of the most beautiful aspects of the tattoo is that the tattoo I have designed for a person will stay with them for their whole life.

8 Astronaut


9 Sound-Waves Of The Whale

Sound-Waves Of The Whale

10 Indian Woman

Indian Woman

11 Cat



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