Saturday, October 19, 2019

Meet Joey and Petee, two Siberian Huskies with a friendship that will melt your heart. Canadian photographer Chelsee Taylor is a freelance photographer from Sudbury, Ontario, with a passion for the great outdoors and traveling Northern Ontario with her two best friends.

See their collection of images below including ones from their latest fairytale session to inspire people to always keep adventuring, believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.

Underestimate Me. That


I Knew When I Met You Adventure Was Going To Happen


I Like Me Better When I

When My Circle Got Smaller, My Visions Got Clearer. There


Surround Yourself With People Who Push You To Be Your Best Self

It Is Your Choices That Show What We Really Are Far More Than Our Abilities

Would You Like An Adventure Now, Or Shall We Have Tea First?

The Things That Make Me Different Are Thing That Make Me

Stay Patient And Trust Your Journey

It All Starts With A Dream

If There Ever Comes A Day When We Can

Be Kind, Even On Your Bad Days

Collect Beautiful Moments Not Things

Sometimes You Have To Be Your Own Hero

If You Want To Fly, Give Up Everything That Weighs You Down



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