Saturday, January 25, 2020

Childhood pictures recreated by grown-up siblings in funny ways are very popular on the internet, and you’ve probably seen quite a few of them. Surprisingly enough, just like us humans, “siblings” from the animal world can boast of their own childhood vs adult pics, and they’re just as adorable.

We’ve picked these cute collages for you showing how animals who live together changed over time, and they’re definitely worth seeing.

1. Meet Peanut And Keeva, A piglet And A dog, Who’ve Become Best Friends That Sleep, Eat, And Play Together.

1. Meet Peanut and Keeva, a piglet and a dog, who’ve become best friends that sleep, eat, and play together.

2. These 2 fluffy Cuties Are Just Adorable, Aren’t They?

2. These 2 fluffy cuties are just adorable, aren’t they?

3. Bubba And Rue, Then A puppy And A kitten, Were Both Rescued From Shelters. They Liked Each Other At first Sight And Have Been Inseparable Ever Since.

3. Bubba and Rue, then a puppy and a kitten, were both rescued from shelters. They liked each other at first sight and have been inseparable ever since.

4. They Outgrew Their Hammock Long Ago, But Still Prefer To sleep Together.

4. They outgrew their hammock long ago, but still prefer to sleep together.

5. No one Will Ever Come Between us.

5. No one will ever come between us.

6. Hey, Hooman! We need A bigger Bed!

6. Hey, hooman! We need a bigger bed!

7. They’ll Never Stop Cuddling.

7. They’ll never stop cuddling.

8. Izzy And Zoë Are 2 mixed British Shorthair Sisters With Irresistible Owl-eyed Faces.

8. Izzy and Zoë are 2 mixed British Shorthair sisters with irresistible owl-eyed faces.

9. Who Knew A dog And A raccoon Could Be so close?

9. Who knew a dog and a raccoon could be so close?

10. Jasper, Tucker, And Lilah Are Crazy About Taking Pics Together.

10. Jasper, Tucker, and Lilah are crazy about taking pics together.


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