Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pets are not new to social media and often, they are as famous as real-life people. If not more… and we are not mad about it. The mesmerizing emerald eyes to get lost in is what made this feline duo real Instagram influencers with a following of 122k.

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, here are two of the most beautiful souls you‘ve ever seen. Two so-called “American Type” Russian Blue Cats, Xafi and Auri, charm with their silky silver fur, captivating green eyes, mysterious smile, and distinctive personalities.

Even though Xafi, born in April of 2016, is a year older than Auri, the sisters by blood look like twins as they have grown to the same size. But while fans are confused, the cats’ paw-rents, UK-based Annaken and Tim, have their tricks to tell them apart. “Auri has a rounder face, wider ears, and slightly darker fur. Xafi has a more angular face with slightly taller ears. Their “Meow” is also distinctly different as is the way they both move and act. Auri also looks a lot more muscular and toned even though they are exactly the same weight: 3.5kg,” the couple notes.

Despite their similar appearance, their personalities couldn’t be more different – Xafi is more affectionate and snuggly compared to the cheeky and mischievous Auri who has earned the nickname “Klepto-Cat” for stealing everything in her sight. “Xafi is human-oriented where Auri is independent. Auri is athletic where Xafi is clumsy. Xafi is loudly demanding when wanting cuddles whereas Auri asks in a very gentle and quiet way to get a fuss. But both are just the most loving and sweet girls I’ve ever known,” Anneken, who manages their social media presence, explains.

The different temperaments of the Insta-famous cats reflect on their modeling as well. While Xafi is a little camera shy, Auri enjoys the attention and has mastered some impressive poses. “It took me quite a while to develop the skills to photograph cats. Capturing photos of the two together is very challenging. We use treats and toys to try and get them to pose and look into the camera. I do less and less of those types of photos now – I prefer capturing them in their natural environment now just doing their cat-things,” cat mum Anneken said.


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