Saturday, January 25, 2020

What would you do with a barn in need of serious renovation? Transform it into a gorgeous family home that anyone would be lucky to live in!


A Place To Call Home
When the Meek family purchased this fixer-upper, they had no idea what to do with it. The former barn had already gone through a previous conversion. The bottom floor was turned into a garage, while the top floor was converted into a small two-bedroom apartment.


They Have A Plan
When Chip and Joanna Gaines were presented with the opportunity to convert an old barn into a modern family home, they jumped at the chance. However, the Meeks did have a few requirements that needed to be met as part of the conversion.


Cute Little Den
A small, quaint office nook was one of the items on the Meeks family wishlist. Since an indoor staircase had to be built to provide access the upper floor, Chip and Joanna decided to incorporate an office nook into their stairwell design.


From Garage…
This stuffy and enclosed garage space is about to open its doors to a whole new world.


…To Sitting Room
With its airy and open space, the new sitting room is bathed in lots of natural light. This is such a perfect room to relax with a good book and a cup of tea.


Quaint Barn Doors
What makes this sitting room even more lovely is the quaint set of barn doors framing the entrance. It serves to remind their guests of the home’s history.


Kids Love It
A fun kids room was also a wishlist item. Josh Meeks loves Legos, so the Gaines’ created a fantastic Lego wall for him to play with. Not only was it a super cool idea, but it created a space for Josh to use his imagination.


From Empty Hallway…
Many people love to entertain guests, and the Meeks are no different. Having a large gathering room was at the top of their wishlist. The main hallway on the bottom floor was a perfect place to make this happen.


…To Dream Dining Hall
The transformation is incredible! Carpenter Clint Harp crafted a 17-foot wooden table to fill the length of the room. There is definitely enough space here to host a large gathering of family and friends.


A Favorite Verse
For Lexia Meek, metal artist Don created her favorite verse to hang as a wall plaque. It reads:

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”
This is such a perfect verse to complement a family feast and gathering of friends!


Looking Outside
Although it doesn’t afford much privacy, this is the most beautiful “front door” to a home I have ever seen! This small entrance foyer needs a comfy chair, so that guests can stare at the outside world through the large glass doors.


A Boring Kitchen
The existing kitchen on the upper floor was a bit bare bones and boring. Anything would look better than this!


New Culinary Space
Knowing that Lexia Meek had a classic sense of style, Chip and Joanna create something with a little bit of funky flair. With new cabinets, concrete countertops and an interesting backsplash, they transformed the area into a culinary heaven.


A Built In Coffee Bar!
A dedicated coffee station was created in one corner of the new kitchen. How awesome is that?


Hmmm…What’s Out There?
Just outside this dutch door is a large balcony, which overlooks a nearby lake and the breathtaking countryside. What a perfect place to unwind after a long, hard day.


A More Intimate Gathering
In part of the great room, the Gaines’ constructed a secondary dining area for everyday family meals. The new living room can also be seen in the background.


Out With The Old
The old living room was nothing to talk about. It needed a serious overhaul to make it someplace that you’d want to hang out in.


Living Room You Want To Live In
This super cozy living room is a space that could easily be occupied for most of the day. A jute rug, whiten linen sofa and leather chairs add to the ambiance of comfortable living.


In All Its Glory
Here is the final result of the gorgeous makeover. Not only did the Meeks get what they wanted on their wishlist, but they got so much more!



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