Saturday, October 19, 2019

Do you want to have my best advice to know how to earn more money with your services? It is less complicated than you imagined.

Look, you know that Monday posts are even shorter on average than the others. There is a simple reason behind. It’s because I schedule all the contents of the weekend and I have to write 3 articles in the same day. You already have my excuse.

It is also true that I am not so afraid of getting a bad post. When you write so much, it’s normal for you to get one. At the same time I am convinced that at least one person brings something positive out of a “mediocre” publication so I have a clear conscience. And this is also free, so do not complain … ;)

Look, today’s going to look like it’s going online than previously mentioned because it ‘s too basic . For the same reason almost nobody who offers services applies it in a rigorous way. How many times have you thought about how to attract more customers to bill more? Daily? Can be?

Invoice more. Increase your prices. Increase the cost per hour.

“Really?” Yes, it’s so simple. It is a piece of advice that I have given in recent years to everyone I know and it has worked wonders. At first you are afraid because it gives us something to ask for more. We doubt ourselves Do I really deserve to charge this?

The answer is yes”. I assume that you are a great professional, you are a serious person who wants to offer an extraordinary service. So it’s very simple. People appreciate you You deserve it and it will pay you because you are worth it.


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